The 2020 European Regional Meeting will be held in Kraków, Poland, in October 2020, with the theme The Art of Repairing.

The traumas of the twentieth century leave their mark on the current tensions in Europe. Anxieties about borders and boundaries, about loss of identity and merger, run deep at individual, group, and societal levels. As a global society we are increasingly aware of the damage we have done to the planet and the urgency to repair this crack.

Hence this European Regional Meeting will explore the states of mind required for repair and reparation, and the forms of recognition and attention that are demanded. It will investigate the processes of repair, and what may get in the way.

The plan is for a simple structure returning to the original style of ISPSO’s European Regional Meetings.


The organizing committee invites participants to engage collaboratively, working with their own experiences as a starting point. We seek to create possibilities to craft connections between our own work and the processes and art of repair, moving between the personal, professional and societal aspects and exploring the organizational, artistic, domestic and political threads of the theme. The meeting will seek to enable participants to connect with each other and to share their own work and interests. There will be spaces to explore the theme based on own experiences and to engage with artisans and consultants on the processes and art of repair. There will be theoretical input on the psychoanalytic/ systems-psychodynamic aspects of repair and reparation, and space for working with cases from participants’ daily working life.